We want to change how people think about

We want you to love what you do.

A career is one of the most important components of a happy, productive, and fulfilled life. Yet 3 out of 4 Americans are unsatisfied with their jobs. We are commited to changing that through an innovative, action-oriented approach.

Our program was developed to help people make career choices with confidence and clarity, no matter their income level, age, or field. Because we believe that everyone should be able to find fulfilling work.

our mission

Make the world better.

This is what brought us together: to create a company that helps people be more fulfilled in their work lives so they have more energy for their families and communities.

Create solutions that work.

We’re tired of personality tests and self-help books. We believe people should take action, continually explore, and discover new possibilities throughout their lives.

For everyone.

We believe in creating opportunity for everyone, across all backgrounds and levels of income.



Elliott Brown


Elliott has always wanted to change the world. He spent the first part of his career creating programs that inspired people in low-income communities to pursue their dreams and aspirations. His work has been recognized by Fast Company as “one of the top 25 groups that are changing the world,” and he received the Ashoka Fellowship as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs.


Russ Finkelstein

managing director

Russ is all about helping people find their way. He was on the founding team of Idealist.org, the leading nonprofit career website with over a million users. He’s been an innovative career-services provider and coach. He’s an expert operations manager with deep experience in helping people build successful careers.


Bill Pace


Bill spent the first part of his career co-founding two highly successful businesses in consulting and private-equity investment. He’s been CEO of an international consulting firm. He then began his “encore” career as a Senior Fellow with Encore.org, the leading force in enabling transitions to social-purpose careers.